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Author(s) : Mullins, Laurie J., Rees,Gary
Edition : 13
ISBN : 9781292422381
Call No : 005.32,MUL
Publication Year : 2023
Publication Place : UK
Medium : English
Publisher : Pearson Education Limited
Abstract : Provides an in-depth guide that helps you understand the relationship between people and professional organisations,shedding new light on the understanding,prediction and control of human behaviour at work.Based on the individual, group, workplace
Keywords : Structure, Ethics, Learning, Personality , Communication, Stress, Development, Diversity, Teams, Satisfaction, Organisational Theory, Effectiveness, Power, Corporate Responsibility, Perception, Organisational Control, Organisational Culture, Organisation Relationship, The work Environment, Organisational Conflict, Work Motivation, Working in Groups, Leadership in Work Organisations, Managing People at Work, Patterns of Structure, Workplace Design, Change, Organisational Performance
Subject : Management, Organizational Behaviour

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