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Rules and Regulations for the CA Sri Lanka Library


1.Monday to Sunday 8.30 a.m. to 5.p.m (Closed on Poya and Mercantile Holidays.)


2. Active members,Registered active students, Corporate library members and Staff members of the CA Sri Lanka are entitled to use the Library subject to the observance of its Regulations and Rules. A list of further eligible categories may be prescribed by CA Sri Lanka in Library Rules. Other persons may be admitted individually at the discretion of the Librarian.

2.1 The CA Sri Lanka e-Library Membership is open to all of the above stipulated categories who are active of the CA Sri Lanka Library.

2.1 All corporate members of the CA Sri Lanka Library are automatically entitled to become members of the CA Sri Lanka e-Library.


3. Books, Magazines, audio visuals

4. IELTS books are loaned only for a period of 7 days, irrespective of the category of library membership. No extensions are permitted since these books are in greater demand by the students enrolled to follow IELTS courses run by the CA Sri Lanka.

5. Reference materials are permitted to borrow for overnight reference only.

6. Permanent reference materials are not permitted to borrow.


7. Borrowable library books and periodicals are issued to members of the library as indicated below:

  • For Students: Only two books at a time for 14 days with further extension of 7 days.
  • For Members: Four books for 30 days and two journals for 14 days.Further Extensions possible for books for a further 14 days, while the extension period for journals is only 7 days.
  • For Corporate Membership: :
    • Silver Category- Five books for 30 days and two journals for 14 days.Further Extensions possible for books for a further 14 days, while the extension period for journals is only 7 days.
    • Gold Category- Ten books for 30 days and four journals for 14 days.Further Extensions possible for books for a further 14 days, while the extension period for journals is only 7 days.
    • Platinum Category- Fifteen books for 30 days and six journals for 14 days.Further Extensions possible for books for a further 14 days, while the extension period for journals is only 7 days..

 Note: Any reading material on loan may be recalled by the Library at any time, if need arises, and the material must be returned to the Library on or before 15 minutes prior to the closing time on the date given in the recall notice.

8.e passed on to another but must in all cases be returned to the Library and officially re-issued. A reader may not borrow books in anyone’s name but his/her own.


9.Librarian has discretion to restrict certain categories of material held by the library from being borrowed, such as works of reference, theses, manuscripts, items of special value or rarity, issues of periodicals and materials in students’ texts collections. (All these materials will have “R” which means “Reference only” and “PR” which means “permanent reference only.

10. This restriction may be extended by the Librarian to books in heavy demand too. Other books in demand may be issued only for such limited periods as the Librarian deems desirable.


11. Reader s may reserve borrowable books. A reservation register is kept at the circulations counter or online facility is available.


12. Borrowable materials are courieredto you as per your request. Courier charges should be paid by requested user. (condition will be applied)

13. When returning materials, courierservice will collect from your side.


14. All other books on loan may be renewed if they are not required by another reader, but books have to be submitted to the issuing counter or online facility also is available to renew.


15.Fines for overdue or recalled books - A fine of Rs.10/= is levied per day or part of a day for failure to return books for the first month and there after Rs. 50/= per day (including books obtained from another library through Inter Library Loan) to the counter of the Library from which they were issued. Persistent offenders may also have borrowing privileges reduced or suspended (see Library Regulation 16).

16.Cost of damages, loss of books and outstanding fines will be debited to the Student’s/Member’s Account, settlement of which is required to obtain other student/member related services.


17.Failure to return books - Borrowers who fail to return recalled or overdue books may be invoiced for the full cost of replacement (see Library Regulation 18). Borrowers who subsequently return books after invoices have been issued may be required to pay the fine per invoiced book or the charge levied by the lending library in the case of inter-library loan items.

18.When a book on loan is reported as lost or is not returned when requested by the Library it may be re-ordered and the borrower may be required to pay the cost of a book so re-ordered, if not pay the 3 time the cost of the book, even if the copy belonging to the Library is subsequently found. In such a case no refund of the cost will be made and both copies will be considered the property of the Library. If the book so lost or damaged was part of a set the user may be required to pay the cost of a new set if this is the only way to replace the lost part.

19.Readers should inform the Library as soon as possible of any circumstances (such as illness or hardship) which might affect their use of the Library and their ability to comply with the Regulations and Rules. The Librarian has discretion to grant special privileges on compassionate grounds.


20.Copying, recording or downloading from materials or services supplied by the Library must comply with the terms of current Sri Lanka copyright law. Such copies, recordings or downloaded files must not be made unless any appropriate Library forms or agreements have been completed and signed by the Library user. The Librarian has the right to refuse or withdraw copying privileges and to suspend access to any services where he has reason to believe that a breach of copyright has taken place or is likely to take place.


21. Photocopying charges: Single side Rs.12.00; Double side Rs.15.00 (Photocopying is done in conformitywith the “the Intellectual Property Act No.36 of 2003 inSri Lanka”).


22. Any payment to the Library and its services may be required as set out in Library Rules. The money collected from fees shall be made over to the Cashier.


23.All registered members admitted to the use of the Library are required to sign an undertaking to abide by the Regulations and Rules of the Library. An approved CA Sri Lanka Identity card or NIC must be brought to the Library on each visit and must be produced to enter a Library building, when books are borrowed and at any other time at the request of Library staff.


24. Borrowers are responsible for keeping the Library informed at all times of their current term-time and vacation addresses with contact details.

25.Books and other items borrowed by the CA Sri Lanka Library from other Libraries are subject to Library Regulations and Rules and also to the conditions imposed by the lending Library.

26. The reservation of seats in the reading areas is not permitted. Books and other articles left for any length of time on chairs and tables may be removed by the Library staff.

27. Articles left in the reading areas at closing time will be cleared away.

28.The CA Sri Lankaaccepts no responsibility for personal belongings left in the Library.

29. Readers must not change the position of any library furniture or equipment.

30. Readers are not permitted to use telephones (including mobile telephones) in the Library except in designated areas such as stairwells. Otherwise mobile phones must be switched off or switched to silent in the Library. Library staff is not permitted to accept private telephone messages for readers with the exception of emergency calls.

31.Readers may not operate any apparatus for the reception of sound broadcasting or the reproduction of sound or vision in the Library except with the consent of the Librarian.

32.Notices must not be displayed or distributed by readers in any part of the Library except by or with the permission of the Librarian, nor may readers offer anything for sale in the Library.

33.Whenever a fire alarm sounds in the Library building all readers must vacate the Library immediately.

34.Computing equipment in the Library must not be used for the creation, display, importation, circulation or storage of offensive material (this list is not exhaustive)

35. The Librarian and his/her team at all times have authority to maintain good order in the Library with a view to safeguarding the common interest of all readers.

36. No book may be removed from the Library unless the date label has been stamped by a member of the Library staff after completing all Library issue procedures. The Librarian shall have discretionary power to refuse to lend, or to restrict the circulation of any book at any time.

37.The rights of any user failing to observe Library Regulations and Rules may be limited or withdrawn at the discretion of the Librarian who will report such cases to the Library Committee.

38.Admission to the use of the CA Sri Lanka Library is conditional upon the observance of these Regulations, and also of the Rules made by or with the authority of the CA Sri Lanka. The CA Sri Lanka has power to exclude from the Library buildings or services any person whom it has reason to believe cannot be trusted with access to books or services. All user s of the Library are presumed to know its Regulations and Rules, copies of which are available in the Library. These Regulations shall also apply to any sectional or divisional libraries containing books from the CA Sri Lanka Library and organized by it. The CA Sri Lanka is empowered to issue Rules governing the operation of such sectional libraries.

39.Throughout Library Regulations and Rules the term 'book' is deemed to include all types of information resources owned, held or accessed by the Library. The term 'services' is deemed to include any system whereby the Library provides access to information, whether within a Library building or remotely.

40.All members of the Library staff are empowered to enforce Library Regulations and Rules.

41.Library Rules concerning hours and times when the Library will be open, borrowing arrangements and announcements of changes affecting the use of the Library, shall be publicly displayed in the Library.

42.Bags, cases, outdoor clothes, parcels, umbrellas, file folders and other items of personal property should not be brought into the Library. The Library accepts no responsibility for such personal property which must not be left unattended and reserves the right to exclude or remove any item which might obstruct the Library. Only few blank paper s can be brought into the library for taking down notes from the library books. No other materials are permitted into the library. Even the books borrowed from the library should not take into the library, unless the reader needs to return them back to the library.

43. Silence is to be maintained as far as possible throughout the Library buildings except in areas specifically set aside for discussion.

44.The marking, defacing, mutilating or altering of books or services provided by the Library is strictly forbidden, and also the damaging or unauthorized movement of Library fittings, furniture and equipment.

45.Bottles of ink, water may not be brought into the Library.

46. The consumption of food and drink, smoking and the use of matches and open lights are forbidden.

47.All library reader s entering the library should not be dressed in shorts.

48. All members of the Library staff are empowered to inspect any books in the possession of any person leaving the Library, and anyone found attempting to remove a library book from the Library without complying with approved Library borrowing procedures may be reported to the Librarian. Removal of books contrary to Library Regulations is a serious offence.

49.Arrangements for controlling access to the Library by visitors shall be determined by the Librarian. When in large numbers student library members should enter into the library in queue. Security Officer in-charge should ensure the library members entering into the library does not carry those items.

50.The Librarian is empowered to refuse or withhold the right of admission to any Library building and/or Library services. Such cases shall be reported to the Library Committee. It has been resolved by the CA Sri Lanka, that any person normally having a right of access and being deprived of such access for any period exceeding three months at a time or six months in any one year shall be entitled to appeal.