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Author(s) : Lewis, Philip, Thornhill, Adrian, Saunders,Mark N.K.
Edition : 9
ISBN : 9781292402727
Call No : 005.31,SAU
Publication Year : 2023
Publication Place : UK
Medium : English
Publisher : Pearson Education Limited
Abstract : This book is written with a progressive logic,which means that terms and concepts are defined when they are first introdued.One implication of this is that it is sensible for you to start at the begining and to work your way through the text,various boxes
Keywords : Research, Writing, Developing your Research Proposal , Generating a Research Idea, Critically Reviewing the Literature, Understanding Research Philosophy, Approaches to theory Development, Formulating the Reseach Design, Negotiating Access, Research Ethics, Selecting Samples, Obtaining, Evaluating Secondary Data, Collecting Primary Data Using Observation, Collecting Primary Data Using Interviews, Collecting Primary Data Using Questionnaires, Analysing Data Quantitatively, Analysing Data Qualitatively, Presenting the Project Report
Subject : Management

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