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Author(s) : Galagedara,Prabash
ISBN : 9781923216006
Call No : 004.8,GAL
Publication Year : 2024
Publication Place : Australia
Medium : English
Publisher : Busybird Publishing
Abstract : This book offers a comprehensive overview tailored for finance professionals, equipping them with the knowledge to lead their organisations confidently into the future. The book covers practical case studies, business frameworks and fundamentals,
Keywords : Trajectory of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Components of AI Ecosystem, AI Models, AI Model Interface, ML Ops, AI Strategic Framework, Case Study - Amazing Banking Corporation, Case Study - Tiny Inc,Transforms Its FP&A, Case Study - Tootal Telekom & Finance Processes, Case Study - Finance Processes, Case Study - Digital Banking, Case Study - Auroria Tax Authority Transforms the Country's Tax System, Case Study - Euro Assurance Transforms Its Global Auditing Process, Case Study - KNN Bank Overhauls Its Risk Platform, Ethical Considerations, Legislative Landscape
Subject : Information Technology, Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

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